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Complete DVD quiz

I. General

1. What is a CD-R?

CD-R is DVD films (CD Recordable) shorthand. DVD film is a single write to, read many (Write Once, Read Multiple) media, which can be as general standard discs to use. CD-R compared with other media, is that it can use the general standard types of optical disc machine to play, use. Drawback is that it can not re-write. There is a new technology is rewritable CD (CD Rewritable, abbreviated CD-RW), it is with the CD-R is similar, but it can be washed off after the data write new information.

2. CD-R disc with a normal CD disc the same?

We usually buy the CD at the store mold pressure plate is out. The CD-R disc is out of the laser lithography. Appearance are also different, CD-R disc with green film, gold film, blue film, etc. Unlike most pressed CD disc is silver. They are compared with the pressed CD disc, can not withstand extreme temperatures and sunlight, and life expectancy is relatively short. However, many of the CD-R disc is called life up to 100 years.

3. There are several burning discs?

Two, they are:

CD-R disk: can write, can not delete old data. Discs cheaper.

CD-RW disc: You can write the old data can be deleted again write new data. More expensive CD-RW discs (CD-R is about 10 times).

4. Can use the CD-R disc and CD-RW disc to copy the contents of the CD tray?

Yes, music and data disks of the CD can be copied. You can also film music CD from a number of selected favorite part of the session into a burning CD-R. But remember that most of the CD are protected by copyright law.

5. Can the contents of a few music CD disc together in a CD-R discs on it?

Yes, the general burning software has this feature. Some can make when you burn a piece of replacement, while others want to be first tracks to your hard drive as WAV files, then burn.

6. Why burn a music CD will be sonic boom?

Production Music CD disc, CD drive sometimes find that some strange sounds, the sounds La hack miles snapped hard to listen to these voices I palpable called sonic boom. Sonic boom generation and the recorder read-write head set, generally burner default Track at Once, which is read-write head and the beginning of each Track will open at the end will be closed. When the read-write head is turned on may have missed the point before data is written, we will hear the sonic boom on the music CDs.

The solution is: change the setting to read-write head Disk ao Once on it, so read-write head will be open throughout the recording process to maintain the state, not prone to sonic boom.

7. Can music and data on CD-R discs with a chip on it?

Can use Mixed Mode (mixed mode) or CD Extra can be achieved to produce.

8. A CD-R disc can store much data?

About 74 minutes of video and audio signals, if the stored data (Data) up to 740MB.

9. Can use the floppy disk so as to copy files to CD-R disc?

Can. Use packet writing "Packet Writing" software, such as DrectCD, can be more easily accomplished.

10. What is the ISO file? ISO file is produced according to ISO 9660 rules, a stored image file on the hard disk inside. It means an image produced by a full CD, only first stored in the hard disk inside, for the time being is not carved in the disc. Can choose to directly burn a disc engraved into the (O n the Fly), or made of ISO file first. ISO file first made to reduce the risk of burning failure.

11. What is Disc at Once? What is a Track at Once?

Disc at Once is a copy or make an entire CD, regardless of a few tracks, once completed, therefore no suspension generated by burning the gap (gap), but there are still sub-tracks, also can set the track between time.

Track at Once refers to a copy or burn an entire track, complete an orbit every moment, the laser light will be suspended for a while, so by burning the tracks are suspended between the resulting gap.

12. Did not complete the CD-R engraved disc can then carved it?

Yes, as long as the previous did not Close Disc you can burn.

Close Disc CD-R will cause a moment after the completion of this moment can not enter other information, and Close Session can.

This can be re-engraved in the CD-R called the Multi-Session CD-R. General burning software can create.

Using Disc At Once mode recording of the CD-R will Close Disc.

13. Multi-Session What is this?

Can append new data, but each time additional data will take about 22MB of space to complete Colse Session this action, even if you only write the 1kB files. Therefore, the data should be more focused as far as possible in a written order to reduce the waste of space. Another disadvantage of using this format is that there are some early production of the C D-ROM drive can not read data correctly, you may read the latest write data.

14. What is Mixed Mode?

Hybrid CD-ROM, the first data track is installed, the latter are the tracks. For the production of multi-disc games, during games, while playing back of music, take up CPU resources is not high quality performance.

15. Extra Mode What is this?

Contrary to the previous format, in front of the tracks, the last one is the data track. CD audio can be placed in ordinary play, but into the PC will appear in the final data. More common in some of the more C yber the band, buy their CD, into the PC after each of them will be self-introduction, MTV and so the "extra" harvest.

16. What is Close Disc? What is Close Session?

Close Disc CD-R is the moment to complete this time, put the CD-R is sealed and can not be carved into the other data.

Close Session is a Session this off, but still included in the next Session. Each passage is called a burn Session.

17. What is the "Sector"?

"Sector" is the basic unit of data stored on optical disk. The size of a Sector is 2352Bytes, the data of CD-ROM data area as 2048Bytes, CD-ROM XA Mode2, Form1 the data area is 2048bytes, Form2 is 2324byters.

18. VCD disc in the DAT file to convert MPEG documents?

Can iFilmEdit or Vcdtormpg other software to convert. After conversion is complete with Xing MPEG Encoder to turn it into a VCD 2.0 format.

19. Which software can convert MPEG files to AVI file?

The most commonly used is the Xing MPEG Encoder, LSX MPEG Encoder and Passnasic's.

20. Which software can convert AVI files to MPEG files?

Premiere 5.X can input and edit directly, the output AVI format.

21. How to convert MPEG files meet the VCD 2.0 standard MPEG files?

Some MPEG format of the file does not meet the VCD 2.0 standard, with VideoPack, Easy VCD Creator to make, do not accept this document, will produce an error message and interrupt the process.

These files can Xing MPEG Encoder to convert MPEG files found VCD2.0 standards.

22. Can copy with more than two burners with a CD-R Disk?

With Disc Juggler software can do, need the same type of recorder Caixing brand.

23. Burning occurred during "Buffer Underrun" Why?

"Buffer Underrun" generally occurs in the process of burning CDs, burning data transfer with no burners to burn the demand generated, resulting in burning process will be interrupted, causing burn failure.

Prevent "Buffer Underrun" The main measures are:

The use of more high-speed hard drive, best hard drive using the SCSI interface; use a slower burn speed; burn Do not carry out any operation on the computer; burn to close all other programs are running; close the CD-ROM drive auto-detection function; as far as possible Use image file burning;

Second, the hardware-related issues

1. Life recorder generally how long?

General burner is 25,000 to 50,000 hours MTBF, generally one year warranty. And the hard drive and 1 million hours MTBF of 500,000 compared to about half that.

2. IDE interface, SCSI interface and it is a good recorder?

Conditions to make use of SCSI interface burners, its better stability.

Third, and related issues Video Pack 4.0

1. Video Pack 4.0 IDE interface can support the burner?

Video Pack 4.0 supports IDE interface burner. Can I use the recorder, the key to see its drivers. VP4 burner driver WinOnCD general, all WinOnCD support burner, V P4 also supported. If your burner does not recognize VP4, please download the new model for your burner driver, download address:

2. Video Pack 4.0 installed to 80%, the program asked the disc into A, if the solution?

This is the Video Pack 4.0 installation process asked to insert a floppy disk or a dynamic process where the designated path dynamic program. If the installation CD-ROM version, the general driver in the same directory on the "Drivers" directory, so long as the installation path can point to this subdirectory.

3. Why choose VP4 (0.082) version, so high-resolution map VCD, the selected map for the 15 cap, if more than a (eg 20), in the Image generated when an error occurs illegal?

This error can be resolved: the WinOnCD directory VCD4.dll copy VP4 directory, re-use on it.

If not WinOnCD directory, you install a WinOnCD 3.7 bar.

4. VCD made when not playing forward, backward jump and return to the main menu?

There is no reason to switch to the Default Layer connection, this step will be missing a lot of beginners, the consequences of missing made a lot of VCD playback control keys will be invalid. The blank spaces in the target window by right mouse button, select Desk top 鈫?Show Menu Routing (to remove the hook above), each addition of a lot of exports under the icon, mouse over each exit, the icon will display yellow fine print, there are Next, Previous, Def ault, Return, Time-Out so that various conditions or what the key to what the next action. Including Next, Previous, Return must be connected to the line, Return often re-election of individual items, N ext, Previous key players even after the other from time with.

5. Video Pack 4.0 does not recognize my CDR burner how do?

Video Pack 4.0 comes with an older version of the driver, does not recognize a lot of new CD-R drive, need to download the new CD-R driver, download address:

6. To do with VidoPack 4.0 VCD, not Kepan would always prompt "G: tempvv.scr line 40: Illegal MPEG Packet." What is the problem?

Illegal MPG file, MPG format that does not meet the standard production of VCD, VCD format in accordance with the standards Xing re-compression can be.

Fourth, and related issues Premiere

1. Why Premiere 5.0 does not support the JPEG file format, and Premiere 4.2 is support?

This is because Premiere 5.0 is not installed during the installation process Quicktime, Premiere 5.0 is available via Quicktime on the JPEG / PICT formats support. Premiere 4.2 version is installed automatically when you install Quicktime, so it supports JPEG. Solution is to install Premiere 5.0, the separate install Quicktime 2.2 or 3.0 above.

2. Why Premiere 5.0 does not support MPG format input?

This generally occurs in Windows 95/97 operating system. Premiere 5.0 瀵?MPG file support is achieved through DirectxMedia 5. Therefore, in the Windows 95/97 operating system to install Premiere 5.0 and later, you need to be installed DirectxMedia5.0 or later. Windows 98 already comes with a DirectxMedia 5, without the need to install, you can import MPG file to support Premiere 5.0 material.

3. Why Premiere does not support MPG format output?

To the latest version of Premiere 6.0 so far do not support the output of MPG files.

Direct output from Premiere5.1a MPG format, requires third-party compression software support, such as Xing's XingMPEG Encode, Panasonic MPEG1 Encoder, etc.. MPG format directly supported by the output of only Ulead's Media Studio PRO 5.0 and later versions.

4. How Premiere5.0 and follow-up version of install Final Effect plug-ins?

Premiere 4.2 installed Final Effect for Premiere 4.2 plug-in, the material can produce rain, snow, special effects such as particle motion is non-linear editing in a rare special software. Premiere 4.2 version of this software is automatically installed, but its follow-up version Premiere5.0 not automatically installed, but can be used after installation can also be used manually.

Specific installation methods are: the Final Effect for Premiere 4.2 Plugin subdirectory under the installation directory of all files copied to the Premiere 5.0 or subsequent versions of the installation directory of the Plug-ins directory, the other also will be installed Final Effect for Premiere 4.2 directory several files Delsllisu, Feresources.dll, Common.dll copy to Premiere 5.0 or subsequent versions of the installation directory, so that you can in Premiere 5.0 or subsequent versions of the special functions using FE.

Fifth, and related issues XingMPEG Encoder

1.鍦ㄨ繘琛屽帇缂╂椂鍑虹幇鈥淭he video datarate is too low to encode this file.鈥濓紝鐒跺悗涓柇杩愯锛屽師鍥犳槸浠?箞锛?br />

銆??瑙e喅鍔炴硶:閲嶆柊缂栬緫骞堕檷浣庢簮绱犳潗鐨勮浆鍦洪?搴︽垨鐗规妧閫熷害銆?br />
2.鍦≒remiere 5.X涓皟鐢╔ingMPEG Encoder杈撳嚭MPEG鏂囦欢锛屽綋鍘嬬缉杩涜鍒板樊涓嶅瑕佺粨鏉熸椂锛屽嚭鐜扳?Not enough room in use suppliedMPEG data structure to accept encoded data鈥濋敊璇俊鎭紝濡備綍瑙e喅锛?br />
銆??杩欎釜闂鏄敱浜嶺ingMPEG Encoder鐨勪竴涓缃」寮曡捣鐨勩?

銆??鏀瑰彉杩欒缃」鏄細鍦╔ingMPEG Encoder鐨勯?鍗曚腑閫夋嫨鈥淔iles鈫扴tream Profiles鈥濓紝鍦ㄦ柊寮瑰嚭鏉ョ殑鈥淢anage Stream Profiles鈥濋?鎷╁璇濇涓紝閫夋嫨鎵?渶瑕佺殑鍒跺紡锛屼竴鑸湪涓浗閫夋嫨鈥淰ideoCD鈫扨AL鈥濓紝鐒跺悗鐐瑰嚮鍏朵笅闈㈢殑鈥淓dit鈥濇寜閽紝鍦ㄨ繖涓?Edit鈥濈殑閫夋嫨椤归?鍗曚腑锛屾寜鈥淎 udio Pack Null Byte鈥濆墠闈㈢殑閫夋嫨鍕惧幓鎺夛紝淇濆瓨杩欎釜璁剧疆椤规枃浠讹紝缂虹渷鍊间负鈥淐opy of PAL鈥濓紝鍦ㄤ笅娆¤繘琛屽帇缂╂椂锛屼娇鐢ㄨ繖涓?釜璁剧疆椤硅繘琛屽帇缂╁氨涓嶄細鍐嶅嚭鐜颁笂闈㈡墍杩扮殑閿欒淇℃伅銆?br />



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